Your Chapter 13 was Dismissed………….Now What?

We often have initial consultations with people who have already filed a previous Chapter 13 case. These folks are normally in a panic because they’re afraid of losing their home again; the threat of foreclosure and repossession of their vehicle(s) is very real. If you filed Chapter 13 and there was a reasonable explanation as to why you were unable to fulfill your obligation of making your plan payment you do have the option of refiling your case.

Refiling does involve an extra Court Hearing (Motion to Continue the Stay) where you go along with your attorney to appear in front of the Judge. The objective of the bankruptcy attorney is to give the Judge an explanation as to why your previous case was dismissed and why this new Chapter 13 case will be different. The Judge will ask you a few simple questions and if all goes well you will be on your way to a successful second case. You will still be required to attend another First Meeting of Creditors.

When considering a second filing it is important that you really think hard as to why the first case didn’t work out, why you couldn’t keep up your plan payments. Remember filing for bankruptcy is supposed to alleviate your financial stress which you’ve been under. If making your plan payment is too hard then maybe it’s time to seriously consider surrendering your home or your vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes these gut wrenching decisions have to be made. If you should fail to succeed in a second filing a third case is exetremely difficult to get.

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