Your Chapter 13 Payment – Can You Make It?


considering bankruptcy as a solution for your unmanageable expenses, it is important that you realize bankruptcy, Chapter 13  is supposed to alleviate the financial strain you are currently in.  You should leave your attorney’s office in a better position than when you walked in.  When considering to file Chapter 13,  it is essential that you take a step back and evaluate your financial position. Chapter 13 will not be a benefit to you and your family if you are living beyond your income. Sometimes this means having to give up a house, vehicle, and/or other assets that may be the cause of your financial strain.  Your Chapter 13 payment should be feasible and something you can afford to make comfortably without having to take major hits in your already tight budget. Chapter 13 is intended to be a solution for your financial problems and not create an additional one for you. When contemplating Chapter 13, be sure that you sit back, assess your finances and the decisions you made that got you to this place. As your attorneys we can help, however, the real change must come from you. Everyone deserves a second chance and a fresh start. Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 can be that for you if you are willing to make the necessary changes.

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