Very Smart BK attorney

I was in a real mess. I own a very nice home and two large commercial properties. I got set up and blindsided by a business associate. A creep from California who filed a $1.5M lawsuit. The creep is the type who just looks for an opportunity to sue then offers to settle. He has a legion of attorneys working with him.

We were behind in property taxes for over $100,000 as well and had some $70,000 in credit lines. The creep put a lien on my house. Ever have a sociopath out to “get you”? That was me. All looked lost.

Mr Diamond came to the rescue at just the right time. We did a chapter 11 on 5-19-11. This gave me some breathing room and some time to regroup. The case is ongoing. But listening to the venom of the attorneys for the creep I’m sure glad I got a good defender.

Very Smart BK attorneyRandal

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