An exceptional bankruptcy attorney!

Mr. Diamond and his staff have handled our Chapter 13 case for nearly three years. He did not simply fill out the required documents, run a formula to determine a payment, and file papers with the court. Mr. Diamond took the time to understand our complex case, then advised and assisted us in developing a reasonable plan in accordance with the law. His experience with bankruptcy law and the local courts enabled him to “push the envelope” and obtain the best possible outcome for our family. Mr. Diamond continues to monitor our case, and returns our phone calls or meets with us when we have questions or concerns. When an issue arose with the IRS, Mr. Diamond interceded and resolved the issue by modifying our plan with the court. Selecting Mr. Diamond as our attorney was the best first step on our road to financial recovery. Anyone considering bankruptcy should meet with Mr. Diamond to discuss their case before selecting an attorney.

An exceptional bankruptcy attorney!Scott

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