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Is the Stigma of Bankruptcy Worth It?
Bankruptcy is a scary word to many because: it's something you will never recover from; you'll never buy a home or a car again; you will have to surrender all of your assets and be left with nothing. Good reasons to be afraid, however the above statements could not be more wrong. They are inaccurate and only a part of the stigma that has been created for...
Not All Debt Relief Companies Are Created Equal
I want to make it clear that I have nothing against "Debt Relief Agencies".  Under the right circumstances they perform a service that avoids bankruptcy for many people.  Some of these companies are honest, charge reasonable fees and have a staff that is well trained.  A good example is the YWCA here in El Paso, Texas.  Over the past six months it appears that the...
Oh my God, today I spoke with a woman who was considering bankruptcy as a way to get out from under her credit card debt.  She like most people would rather pay off her debts than file for bankruptcy especially when you can wrap your arms around your debt total.  I applaud your ethics and values.  Sometimes, based on how much you owe in credit...

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