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Can Chapter 7 Stop Wage Garnishment from Default Credit Cards?
Before some people actually make an appointment for a free consultation their lives are so stressful.  Finances - especially large amounts of debt often force people to make decisions that they know instinctively are wrong, but they make them because of fear and desperation.   Most people juggle their finances robbing Peter to pay Paul for as long as they can.  At some point you  face the inevitable, your financial life is in chaos...
Lobbyists Win and Congress Screws Its Constituents
Parties in control of Congress change, politicians that control the parties change, but it appears regardless of which party has the upper hand, the one thing that never changes is the people behind the scenes controlling the show.   The bankruptcy  bill that would give some protection back to the consumer is now stalled in the Senate, on the other hand, provisions that give businesses additional...

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