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Can Chapter 7 Stop Wage Garnishment from Default Credit Cards?
Before some people actually make an appointment for a free consultation their lives are so stressful.  Finances - especially large amounts of debt often force people to make decisions that they know instinctively are wrong, but they make them because of fear and desperation.   Most people juggle their finances robbing Peter to pay Paul for as long as they can.  At some point you  face the inevitable, your financial life is in chaos...
Bankruptcy Lawyers VS. Lawyers Practicing Bankruptcy Law
My Dad has really had his hands full - he’s been an incredible caregiver to my Mom who unfortunately has the dreaded disease Alzheimer’s.  He finally hired Judy to clean once a week for a couple of hours and she has also helped care for Mom with love and kindness. Judy, hard working, a single mom, cleaning houses and  waitressing to help support her daughter get through...
My Mistake After Filing Bankruptcy
A mistake that some people make after filing bankruptcy is being too cautious.  Sounds strange, but it’s true.  It feels really good to have a fresh start.  So how can you possibly be too cautious with your credit after the mess your bankruptcy just cleaned up?? I am guilty of it.  Since filing a Chapter 7 I wouldn’t buy anything unless I had cash.  I was driving...

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