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Can Chapter 7 Stop Wage Garnishment from Default Credit Cards?
Before some people actually make an appointment for a free consultation their lives are so stressful.  Finances - especially large amounts of debt often force people to make decisions that they know instinctively are wrong, but they make them because of fear and desperation.   Most people juggle their finances robbing Peter to pay Paul for as long as they can.  At some point you  face the inevitable, your financial life is in chaos...
Small Business has Alternatives What’s Best Chapter 13 Chapter 11
Chapter 13 can be used to save a small business provided  the business is a proprietorship (not incorporated and not a partnership) and provided the debt limitations of a Chapter 13 are met.   A Business Chapter 13 works best if most of the debts are unsecured and those debts that are secured can be repaid within a 5 year period.  Restructuring loans on equipment and vehicles can...
Pay Day Loan Companies Are Cunning!
Lots of people seeking help from a bankruptcy lawyer to file a Chapte 7 (eliminate unsecured creditors) or a chapter 13, have one or more payday loans.  Payday loans are difficult to deal with for both the client and the bankruptcy lawyer.  The companies that offer these loans seem to know every trick in the book to continue  receiving payments, as well as avoiding having...

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