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Will a Pending Divorce Screw Up Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
Once your Chapter 13 has been confirmed you have a sense of relief because your financial chaos is finally under control. Your home is secure, your vehicles are secure.  You're feeling pretty good about life, as you should. In your Chapter 13 you have between 3 years and 5 years to make your plan payments before your case is discharged.  Often the stress and strain of finances puts a tremendous strain...
If Divorce Wasn’t Bad Enough – Now Bankruptcy!
Unfortunately going through divorce is not just an emotional roller coaster but it's also a financial disaster. It has been my experience that most married couples rely heavily on two incomes. Losing an income makes it impossible to maintain their household when dealing with separation or divorce. Yes, Family Court will
you some relief once the divorce decree has been entered and the debts have been divided,...
Debt, Stress and Marriage – Bankruptcy to the Rescue
Without question just the thought of having to file bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or a Chapter 11 is very stressful.  It is an emotional roller coaster ride before you actually make a decision.  When anyone is facing the unknown, coupled with the hearsay gossip about bankruptcy that is almost invariably wrong, it is no small wonder that your stress mounts. During financial hardship the pressure grows from the...
Bankruptcy After MY Divorce
Filing for Bankruptcy was something that I never dreamed would “happen” to me.  I worked hard to pay my bills and seldom even had a late payment.  My husband made a good
.  Life was good. Then one day I found myself in the middle of a messy divorce and
about my soon to be ex-husband’s gambling problem.   I ended up with $15,000 in
card debt (my half) and...

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