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Will a Pending Divorce Screw Up Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
Once your Chapter 13 has been confirmed you have a sense of relief because your financial chaos is finally under control. Your home is secure, your vehicles are secure.  You're feeling pretty good about life, as you should. In your Chapter 13 you have between 3 years and 5 years to make your plan payments before your case is discharged.  Often the stress and strain of finances puts a tremendous strain...
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – To Buy or Sell – You May Need Permission
Filing for bankruptcy for many is the most difficult decision they will ever have to make.  It is something completely foreign and new to them.  Due to the fact that bankruptcy has such a stigma many people don't discuss it and don’t really understand what bankruptcy is all about.  If you take the step in the direction of bankruptcy remember that if you are in a...
Your Chapter 13 was Dismissed………….Now What?
We often have initial consultations with people who have already filed a previous Chapter 13 case. These folks are normally in a panic because they're afraid of losing their home again; the threat of foreclosure and repossession of their vehicle(s) is very real. If you filed Chapter 13 and there was a reasonable explanation as to why you were unable to fulfill...

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