First Meeting of Creditors for Ch 7 & Ch13 – What to Expect?

When I mention to clients that they will be required to appear at a 341 First Meeting of Creditors after we file their bankruptcy, most of them cringe and become nervous immediately. They imagine a Meeting where they are interrogated and questioned about every aspect of their case. In El Paso, the these meetings are nothing to be nervous about. I explain to my clients from inception that their 341 First Meeting of Creditors is in most cases quick and painless.  In a normal Chapter 7 case you will be asked the same series of questions as every other debtor. If anything else is going to come up we will almost always know ahead of time.  As your attorney, it is our job, to make this experience as simple and painless as possible. I always make an effort to explain to clients that the questions asked are straightforward and simple.

In Chapter 13 Creditors Meetings, the questioning may be more extensive but again they are straightforward questions and the Chapter 13 Trustee is not trying to trick you. All in all, your 341 First Meeting of Creditors should not be a torturous experience and your bankruptcy attorney should explain to you exactly what you should expect.

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