Debt, Stress and Marriage – Bankruptcy to the Rescue

Without question just the thought of having to file bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or a Chapter 11 is very stressful.  It is an emotional roller coaster ride before you actually make a decision.  When anyone is facing the unknown, coupled with the hearsay gossip about bankruptcy that is almost invariably wrong, it is no small wonder that your stress mounts. During financial hardship the pressure grows from the demands of creditors in the form of harassing phone calls, demand letters, pending lawsuits as well as the strain to keep a roof over your head, the utilities on and enough food on the table to feed your family.  Financial hardship can also increase the strain on a marriage, partnership or with your significant other.   This type of situation can and often does lead to divorce, separation or the end of the relationship.  There are several things a person needs to both consider and understand when faced with these foregoing challenges.  First and foremost what is more important – protecting your family or worrying about how you are going to get your creditors paid.  Secondly, bankruptcy does not cause divorce, the blame and shame of financial pressure does.  Bankruptcy can remove financial strain that causes the emotional day to day turmoil on you and your family.  In order to understand your options clearly it’s important to seek the advice of a competent consumer bankruptcy lawyer.

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