Can Chapter 7 Stop Wage Garnishment from Default Credit Cards?

Before some people actually make an appointment for a free consultation their lives are so stressful.  Finances – especially large amounts of debt often force people to make decisions that they know instinctively are wrong, but they make them because of fear and desperation.   Most people juggle their finances robbing Peter to pay Paul for as long as they can.  At some point you  face the inevitable, your financial life is in chaos and has become totally unmanageable.

Now you’ve defaulted on your credit cards one by one. Sometimes it’s because of having to make tough choices; food on the table to feed your family or putting gas in the car so you can get to work or making a credit card payment. Too many tough decisions and then that awful day comes when a lawsuit arrives on your front doorstep.  Panic, dread, anxiety sets in and you don’t really know what to do.  Many people tend to stay in denial and ignore the lawsuit. Doing nothing allows creditors to take a judgment which could later allow them to garnish your wages. One way to stop this is, is by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This is an exact situation where Chapter 7 would be a really good option.  Chapter 7, if you qualify, is a legal and logical way to handle a large amount of unsecured debt (i.e. credit cards, payday loans, medical bills). Many people fear this solution or even refuse to consider it because they are afraid of the damage it may cause to their credit.  The reality of it is if you have a high amount of credit card debt that you have defaulted on then, your credit score is more than likely already effected. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in some cases, will actually cause your credit score to increase anywhere from 50 to 100 points within the first year.  Most clients are able to buy vehicles and even homes two years after filing if their income is sufficient. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can really give you the fresh start you dared to dream was possible.

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