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If you are considering bankruptcy it’s likely due to the fact that you have found no other workable solution.  We understand.  Bankruptcy will help you transition from “out of control” finances to debt forgiveness. Chapter 7, 11 or 13 will help you reduce or eliminate your unsecured debt, save your home from foreclosure, your car, SUV, truck or motorcycle from repossession.  Bankruptcy stops the embarrassing and irritating creditor calls at home, at work and stops creditors from calling your friends and family. Most importantly, your life will stop spinning “out of control” and return your life to some version of normalcy.

We hope and suggest that you make a decision before your personal and professional relationships are negatively impacted.  Prolonged stress shortens your life, your temper, raises your blood pressure, you can be more irritable, anxious and even depressed.*

If you have:

  • Lost your job or have a significant reduction in income.
  •  Credit card debt difficult or impossible to repay.
  • Taxes you owe to the IRS.
  • Unexpected medical bills.
  • An illness.
  • A divorce that’s caused you an income deficit.
  • Lawsuits.
  • Threats of lawsuits.
  • Fallen behind in your car payments.
  • Fallen behind in your mortgage payments.

Bankruptcy can be your first step toward a fresh start and get you back on track to managing your finances.

* Mayo Clinic


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