Bankruptcy Can Positively Impact Your Life

Growing up in El Paso and being Hispanic, I was brought up with the mentality that Bankruptcy was wrong.  Since I started working at Diamond Law almost 3 years ago, my mentality on Bankruptcy has changed.  Bankruptcy to so many people is a scary step to take. After working with so many clients throughout these 3 years I have witnessed the relief bankruptcy (Ch 7 and Ch 13) has brought to them.

file bankruptcy, successful bankruptcy, ch 13, ch 7, bankruptcy I can’t say all of our clients have experienced relief.  It’s a shame really, since occasionally I see some clients staying stuck in old patterns – the negative mentality towards Bankruptcy. Why – because they judge themselves as failures and they fear being judged because they judge – shame and embarrassment.  This mentality irritates me now because life isn’t fair and circumstances kick you in the teeth and you’re left without options.  It is so unfair to be judged negatively because you made decisions that were in your control when everything else was so out of control.

Many people come into our office in a state of denial.  Somehow their finances are all but a nightmare and their expecting to wake up one day and all is well.  Now, if you are currently in that mental state – get real – financial miracles rarely come.  Honestly, all that denial just adds more stress on yourself and your relationships.

Now, we are not miracle workers at Diamond Law although we really do try. We can only be as much help as our client’s allow.  No more self sabotage – no more procrastination.  This help really comes from within – believing in yourself again, regaining self-worth.  Don’t let old ideals stand in the way of your financial wellness because we can help you if you let us.  Bankruptcy’s public policy should be thought as: a fresh start for an honest debtor.

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