Bank Foreclosure Settlement – Any Real Help????

Multiple banks and multiple states have entered into a settlement agreement over how the banks handled foreclosure or were in the process of handling foreclosures.  Finally many Banks being made accountable for their actions. The settlement appears to be for a significant amount of money.  This settlement should provide money to be used to refinance or modify home mortgages (what is purported to be a large number of homeowners) and compensation for those folks who had their homes improperly foreclosed.  This settlement has been trumpeted by the states, the banks, the media and even the president of the United States.  The one firm dollar amount that has been announced for those people who lost their homes is a grand total of $2,000.  How would $2000 ease the loss of your home? It seems to me $2,000 is far from fair considering the alleged predatory conduct of the banks and so it makes me wonder just how far the modification and refinancing will really go.  If the effect is anything close to the compensation being paid to those who lost their homes not much is really going to happen.  Once again there appears to be this strange disconnect between those folks advancing the cause of homeowners and what is happening in the real world.

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