Oh my God, today I spoke with a woman who was considering bankruptcy as a way to get out from under her credit card debt.  She like most people would rather pay off her debts than file for bankruptcy especially when you can wrap your arms around your debt total.  I applaud your ethics and values.  Sometimes, based on how much you owe in credit card debt it could take years and years and years to pay off especially due to mounting interest rates.  Some of these debt relief storefronts are no better in helping you than the exorbitant interest rates charged by the credit card companies.  Getting back to this woman I spoke to today, her debts today were approximately $6,000.  The company she was (at least I hope it’s in the past now)  considering working with was going to charge her on top of her  monthly payment towards her credit card debt  – a service charge of $300 per month during the lifetime of the  payment schedule.  She was told that it would take approximately 24 months.  What is wrong with this picture?  A $6,000 debt without additional interest charges would cost this woman more than $13,000.  People do the math!!  I know how it feels to have bills you can’t pay and to have creditors breathing down your neck.  I know how badly that can make you feel and so you think anyone that will work with you is a blessing.  NOT…………….  Read, read, read the fine print……….. You’re not buying a car …………. you’re paying off debts.   DO THE MATH.

If you choose to handle your credit card debt through a debt relief agency seek out a non- profit agency.  Or consider filing bankruptcy, Chapter 7 where you erase entirely your credit card debt as well as all unsecured debts if you qualify.

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